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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Comment, Like, Share.

I appreciate your concern, but liking my every single activity is not going to get you a good spot on my list. Seriously dooooode? Telling people we are good friends and trying to show that on facebook. uh-uh aint gonna work.
I'm curious what's on your mind, why does one stalk to this extent? I then reconcile with my own curiosities; I would talk much if you inspire me or if I receive positive vibes, I roll with my intuition I guess you too. Helps me comprehend you, placing myself in your shoes; remember one thing though, I can place myself in your shoes but they are not mine to walk in and I shall not walk in them. As much as I'd like to help I shall very well save myself before saving you. Excuse me for being so selfish but if I can't have a saved self how can I ever be in a condition to save others.
Idk for some reason while writing this blog I was reminded of this song, maybe some reader could relate.