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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Comment, Like, Share.

I appreciate your concern, but liking my every single activity is not going to get you a good spot on my list. Seriously dooooode? Telling people we are good friends and trying to show that on facebook. uh-uh aint gonna work.
I'm curious what's on your mind, why does one stalk to this extent? I then reconcile with my own curiosities; I would talk much if you inspire me or if I receive positive vibes, I roll with my intuition I guess you too. Helps me comprehend you, placing myself in your shoes; remember one thing though, I can place myself in your shoes but they are not mine to walk in and I shall not walk in them. As much as I'd like to help I shall very well save myself before saving you. Excuse me for being so selfish but if I can't have a saved self how can I ever be in a condition to save others.
Idk for some reason while writing this blog I was reminded of this song, maybe some reader could relate.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

stalker much?

so, i was saying that facebooking is not a bad thing at all but stalking of facebook in such a way that the other person knows is really not healthy...

there are people whom you are very much concerned about, without them knowing it.. & you'd like to know everything that's going on in their life, & when you see facebook, you go all crazy, commenting or liking every single activity, interfering with other people's comments..
now isn't that nosy, so a lot of facebooking does make a person nosy. all those who do facebooking, & like to keep track of others' lives, must keep one fact in mind, that they might be irritating others & spoiling their own image.. :/

so next time before you comment on, or like an activity, think before you do it.. how would the person whoever has done the activity feel about your action. . . .

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Do you have an account on facebook? Even if you don't you probably should still be knowing about it. I mean it's the most "in" thing these days. Who doesn't have a facebook account these days. I found my grandmother's siblings there! Seems to me that, people have really free time, even if they don't they some how manage to do some "facebooking".

It's not that I, myself do not have account, or i operate it regularly. But I do think that facebook is an addiction and it makes people really nosy, which is quite irritating..