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Sunday, April 18, 2010

stalker much?

so, i was saying that facebooking is not a bad thing at all but stalking of facebook in such a way that the other person knows is really not healthy...

there are people whom you are very much concerned about, without them knowing it.. & you'd like to know everything that's going on in their life, & when you see facebook, you go all crazy, commenting or liking every single activity, interfering with other people's comments..
now isn't that nosy, so a lot of facebooking does make a person nosy. all those who do facebooking, & like to keep track of others' lives, must keep one fact in mind, that they might be irritating others & spoiling their own image.. :/

so next time before you comment on, or like an activity, think before you do it.. how would the person whoever has done the activity feel about your action. . . .